Sketches for Science is a series of lightning-round collaborative art events that bridge the worlds of science and art. Join us for a night of art, science, and collaboration!


The Beginning

In July of 2016, acclaimed artists and TED Residents Reggie Black and Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya faced five lightning rounds where they visualized the crowd's favorite scientific concepts, from black holes to evolution to neural plasticity. The pieces were be auctioned off at the end of the night and went towards The Leading Strand.


“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated.”

— Rosalind franklin


Sketches for Science was developed by The Leading Strand, an initiative that was incubated at TED that brings together designers and scientists to celebrate the power of discovery and human ingenuity. They cocreate works of art that translate research in rigorous and visually compelling ways. Our first exhibit, NEUROTRANSMISSION, unveiled the innovative collaborations of 5 neuroscientists and 5 designers.

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The Mission

Science is under siege. Despite powering massive advances in society over the last 60 years, science is suffering from budget cuts, media misrepresentation, and public apathy.

With the power of design, we can shine a light on the breakthroughs happening in fields like neuroscience, genetics, particle physics, climate change and beyond, and reestablish science’s prominence in society.



drop in research funding 2003-2015


planned Sketches for Science events for the year


cohort of The Leading Strand on climate change in the works


Join us

Come put our artists in the hot seat to visualize science and help raise funds for organizations that show the world why science matters like The Leading Strand, AAAS, the Association for Women in Science. Bring a friend and cheer these intrepid artists on as they take on the challenge of sketching YOUR crazy science concepts.

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